Narratives With Isolation


16 prints on display at Gallery 21
Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, San Diego
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Narratives With Isolation
Narratives With Isolation, not Narratives About Isolation

Narrative and interpretive images by Kurt Lightfoot


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Artist's Statement for the Phantom Gallery OceansideArtist's Statement for the Phantom Gallery Oceanside Artist Statement
Isolation can feel entrapping or freeing. Narratives With Isolation uses visual metaphors and symbols to create in the viewer's perception and emotions an experience that includes isolation. But isolation is not the whole story — hence narratives with isolation, not narratives about isolation.


Lone BenchLone BenchLone Bench is a scene from Point Lobos near Carmel, CA. It is very symbolism/metaphor rich with its lone bench, deep forest, diverging paths, hollow trunk, and subdued lighting. As edited, it could be an illustration of Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken; “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both.” Easy to imagine one sitting on its lone bench and having such thoughts. Example: You the viewer are standing on one path, looking at two paths diverging ahead. The one you select becomes one with the one you’re on, and the alternative gets left in the unknown of the one life we have to live.
“Life is choice” — Kurt Lightfoot

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Visions4 2x2 matrix 1a w-names 600sqVisions4 2x2 matrix 1a w-names 600sq


Narratives With Isolation is one part of a four photographer exhibition featured at Gallery 21 in October, 2021.  The name of the exhibition is Visions4 Narratives in Photography.  Its byline is "Four artists traveling in their own orbits, coming into alignment for a unique exhibition of photography."

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Gallery 21
Spanish Village Art Center
1770 Village Place
Balboa Park
San Diego CA
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Daily —

Oct 20 - Nov 1 2021
11am to 4pm


Oct 23
12pm to 4pm

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Follow Spanish Village and Balboa Park Guidelines
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