Four artists traveling in their own orbits,
coming into alignment for a unique exhibition of photography.

Exhibiting their work together for the first time, four established fine-art photographers present unique interpretations of their art. Each showing a thematic series, the four artists explore and examine the medium of photography, pushing the boundaries of process, composition, and content. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, this exhibition is also a simple delight to the eye.


Will The Greatest of these is LoveWill The Greatest of these is Love

Will Gibson

Mediterranean Sketchbook is the latest collection of the artist’s Optical Abstractions series. This body of work is candid street photography captured intentionally out of focus. The resulting images lack detail, yet emphasize gesture, color, and composition, revealing a magical world unavailable to the unaided eye.

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Charles Ingham

In Los Angeles Blue Notes, the artist documents the sites of former jazz clubs, the former homes of jazz musicians, and the locations of jazz-related institutions in the Greater Los Angeles area. Photo-narratives, combining images and texts, are accompanied by commentaries detailing these often-forgotten sites and their relevance to both the region’s history and continuing cultural struggles.

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Jodie Hulden

Photo Quatrains began amid the current pandemic with the artist’s daily walks down backstreets and alleys of San Diego. Alleys are a forgotten microcosm of those elements and activities that lie hidden within the everyday. They are also a continual surprise and place of discovery. These small pieces are arranged in four “verses” as visual odes to the beauty and constancy of change and impermanence in the world around us and in our lives.

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Pathway To BluffPathway To Bluff


Kurt Lightfoot

Isolation can feel entrapping or freeing. Narratives With Isolation uses visual metaphors and symbols to create in the viewer's perception and emotions an experience that includes isolation.  But isolation is not the whole story — hence narratives with isolation, not narratives about isolation.

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Gallery 21
Spanish Village Art Center
1770 Village Place
Balboa Park
San Diego CA
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Oct 20 - Nov 1 2021
11am to 4pm


Saturday Oct 23
12pm to 4pm
COVID-19 Precautions   Follow Spanish Village and Balboa Park Guidelines
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