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Four artists traveling in their own orbits, coming into alignment
once again for a unique exhibition of photography.

Exhibiting their work together for the second time, four established fine-art photographers present unique interpretations of their art. Each showing a thematic series, the four artists explore and examine the medium of photography, pushing the boundaries of process, composition, and content. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, this exhibition is also a simple delight to the eye.




Charles Ingham

Using photographs taken by the artist on road trips and visits to family in the South, this new series of photo-narratives explores a place that the photographer Sally Mann describes as “elegant in its beauty, reckless in its fecundity, terrible in its indifference, and dark with memories.” In a place where the past constantly informs the present, the artist also examines his own family’s connection to the making of that place. The title of the series, Pastoral Scenes from the Gallant South, comes from Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” and is, of course, sardonic.

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Will Gibson

I have always used the camera in order to see what my own eyes cannot. In this instance, the camera can see only the infrared spectrum. For the Visualizing the Unseen, no visible light was recorded in the images. With film in the early 2000’s and now in digital, a marvelous invisible world is revealed.

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Iron Caldron2Iron Caldron2

Jodie Hulden

Just This is a portfolio of images taken in Kyoto, Japan. The portfolio is the result of a search for intimate scenes that honor Japan’s reverence for nature and simple beauty. The images are meant to be visual haiku, each re-creating a spontaneous experience or perception of the artist. In that spirit the portfolio speaks to the heart of “just this” – consisting of poems, both visual and written, that evoke a simple experience that can never be repeated or adequately described, but nevertheless made one stop before it in deep recognition of something profound in its beauty and singularity, its “suchness”.

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Barrio Logan 141221 125_6_7_1a-2Barrio Logan 141221 125_6_7_1a-2


Kurt Lightfoot

On the Urban Stage is a digital photography based body-of-work where the urban setting is analogous to a theatrical stage that humans use to dramatically act out their personal and collective narratives. Such narratives include public artists making strong visual statements, energetic protests raising awareness with the goal of creating societal change, cruising car culture expressing itself for the sake of itself, and personal statements looking for an audience. All On the Urban Stage.

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Gallery 21
Spanish Village Art Center
1770 Village Place
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA
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May 24 - June 5, 2023
11am to 4pm


Saturday, June 3
12pm to 4pm