Photo Arts Workshop

2016 Exhibition of Photography
San Diego Fair @ Del Mar

Veranda Cafe
2nd floor, East Grandstand

Sunday, June 19th


3:00 pm – 1st Workshop Segment

— Shoot For Story —
The power of your photography begins with the visual symbolism of the story you are telling.  This workshop segment introduces the story-perception process and visual literacy using examples of classical and contemporary photos, events, portraits, pets, landscapes and car culture.

4:00 pm – 2nd Workshop Segment

— Edit For Perception —
The power of your photography begins with visual symbolism, but editing in Photoshop/Lightroom is the critical step that conveys your story to the viewer. This workshop focuses on editing for perception in the "story-perception" process.  How to use Photoshop editing to control the viewer’s perception, eye flow, and viewing experience is covered with a variety of examples from portraits to groups, events to cultural activities.

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