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Narratives With Isolation

Invited for display in the launch of
Phantom Gallery Oceanside
212 N. Coast Highway
Oceanside CA

March 18th, 2016

March 31st, 2016 6-8 pm



Narratives With Isolation is a body of work that currently contains 24 images.  It can be viewed online here

Six images have been invited for display at the opening of Phantom Gallery Oceanside, and can be viewed below.  They are selected as paired sub-themes within Narratives With Isolation.  The goal of this selection strategy is to emphasize their narrative nature where isolation is only one of the elements that convey the image's narrative; i.e. narratives with isolation, not narratives about isolation.


Vultures and Desolation

Lake-Poway-140527-023-3b-170sqLake-Poway-140527-023-3b-170sq  Roost 1
Lake-Poway-140527-024-1b-170sqLake-Poway-140527-024-1b-170sq  Roost 2


Benches and Contemplation

Lake-Poway-140527-043_4_5_1b-170sqLake-Poway-140527-043_4_5_1b-170sq  Overview Bench
Lone-Bench-Isolation-6277-1a-170sqLone-Bench-Isolation-6277-1a-170sq  Lone Bench


Individuals and Serene Solitude

Pier-Oceanside-150823-124_5_6_2b-170sqPier-Oceanside-150823-124_5_6_2b-170sq  End Of His Pier
Fidler-Balboa-Park-140917-011-1b-170sqFidler-Balboa-Park-140917-011-1b-170sq  Fiddler 1


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