Lone BenchLone Bench
Lone Bench
and its
Six-Word Story

Derived from the Japanese haiku style of poetry,
here is the six-word story written for Lone Bench:

The Silence

A Passerby

The Silence


What is the source of "The Six-Word Story" concept?

The legend of the Six-Word Story claims that Earnest Hemingway, while lunching with friends, made a bet that
he could craft an entire story in six words.

He won that bet when he wrote the words,
"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."


A Six-Word Story and Narrative photography by

Presented in
Front Porch Gallery's juried show
The Six-Word Story
2903 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA

Steven Nossan/Director and Julie Weaverling/Assistant Director

March 20 – May 5, 2016

March 20, noon – 2 pm

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