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My mission is to create
narrative and interpretive images and projects
that have significant meaning to the viewer.

Chapel Door & BlossomsChapel Door & Blossoms

Reliance on Visual Literacy

The person who creates the image and the person who takes the time to react to the image are in a partnership, in a relationship.  A creative relationship based on shared symbolic meaning and significance.

Paraphrasing Arthur Danto:
Art is embodied meaning
interpreted by the viewer

Our shared visual literacy enables our capability to communicate literal and symbolic meaning; e.g. we all see the color red and feel the emotions of redness.  We share a universal visual skill-set that photorealism uses to communicate symbolically, and sometimes to share the mysterious and mystical.

I am aligned with Ansel Adams' famous assertion, "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." And with Rocky Schenck's, "To me, a photograph exists for the observer, not the creator."


Buddy & Kurt-2Buddy & Kurt-2


Kurt at Heritage Ball 2012Kurt at Heritage Ball 2012


Kurt Bonanza Front 2 cropped 170 sqKurt Bonanza Front 2 cropped 170 sq



I thrive in the San Diego County CA USA corner of the information age.

My images and projects have been juried and/or invited into a variety of SoCal venues including; The Art Of Digital Show/Lyceum Gallery, Mission Trails/Art Gallery, Front Porch Gallery, Escondido Arts Partnership/Municipal Gallery, Exhibition Of Photography/Del Mar, COVA Invitational San Diego Art Institute, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.
Click here for a select list of juried, invited, commissioned images

For several years I was a docent at the Museum Of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park.  An experience I am deeply grateful for.

I participate in local photography clubs and guilds where I facilitate the interactive workshop Shoot For Story ~ Edit For Perception. I also lead that workshop at the International Exhibition of Photography/SD Fair Del Mar.

On several occasions I have been an invited speaker for Palomar College's photography program.

I'm a member of Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) and OMA Artist Alliance, and have served on the OMA-AA Steering Committee.

My event photojournalism services have been volunteered to Escondido Arts Partnership, Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside Museum of Art, and Muramid Museum.

Lone BenchLone Bench


Lone BenchLone Bench


I graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

The Navy taught me black & white wet chemistry photography darkroom skills.  They provided the darkroom, enlargers, chemistry, dryer, and lab instructor.  I had a Mamiya/Sekor 1000DTL 35mm SLR back in those days.  I still have it.

I studied photography formally in college after decades of business experience in Silicon Valley.

My Silicon Valley career responsibilities included marketing functions such as; public speaking and presentations, printed collateral in all forms, public relations, advertising, trade shows, sales conferences, product marketing, market analysis and business development, sales & marketing senior management. 

I used visuals to speak quickly, clearly, conclusively.  There wasn't much of the subjective and mystical.  But symbolism was important, particularly in print advertising, branding, and positioning.  This experience matured my interest and faith in the realism-metaphor relationship that photorealism images can uniquely convey.

I attend workshops and seminars, and I lead a workshop called "Shoot For Story ~ Edit For Perception".  If you're part of a school or nonprofit organization please feel free to contact me about conducting the workshop as a donation.  Click here to see my blog about the workshop.

Today my photography, projects, studies and creative interests emphasize the realism-metaphor relationship to convey narrative and interpretive images.  Photography is uniquely able to supply the realism part.  Our capacity for metaphor comes from some higher source.

Sand & StonesSand & Stones

Silicon Valley

My adopted hometown is Silicon Valley.  Most of my professional life has been spent there.  It's a huge influence that I am deeply grateful for, including sending me around the world many times.

Silicon Valley is one of those rare happenings that human history creates by emergence from a confluence of; opportunity, weather, wealth, education, tolerance, creativity, ambition, drive, greed, reward, sharing.  The concept of stock options for all employees was popularized in Silicon Valley.  Turns out that shared-greed is so much more effective than clinging-greed.

Economic development professionals and politicians, from elsewhere in America and all around the world, converge on Silicon Valley to try to find the Magic Potion they can take back home to ignite their economies.  But Silicon Valley wasn't created by politicians and economic development professionals.

Silicon Valley is an emergent result where the whole is greater than the sum of its part.  You can't take it apart to find it.